About hoss turlingtons

HossTurlingtons Bee & Goat Farm is located on the Ozark Mountains' Springfield Plateau in Oklahoma, 3 miles from the Missouri Border, 12 from Arkansas, and 12 from Jay, Oklahoma. In addition to the above animals, the farm has African Geese, Bourbon Red Turkeys, Honeybees and a variety of Heirloom Chickens. When time permits the Turlingtons make wine and jam from wild blackberry,mulberry, persimmon and plum grown on the farm and can and freeze pokeweed and berries.

EH Turlington jr is the great great grandson of a Missouri Bushwhacker who  moved to Indian Territory after the war and pioneered (along with 7 other ancestors) what now constitutes Oklahoma's 13th judicial district (Ottawa and Delaware counties). A sixth generation resident of (what is now) the 13th Judicial District, EH moved his (now pregnant) wife, two sons and daughter to a small abandoned farm in a clearing at the bottom of a wooded holler in the spring 2014. With the help of father in law Kurt Hoss (the Hoss in Hoss Turlingtons) they began collecting livestock and planting. That first year EH, with the help of his 5 year old son Hardee, planted hundreds of trees including 200 pawpaws, 100 wild Plum, 100 persimmon, and several cherry, apple, peach and pear cultivars. John Duke Kelly Turlington is due April 2016.